Sabah Sarawak Courier Disclaimer

Salam and hi all. 

Postage to Sabah and Sarawak is killing us. Nak amik yang murah, tapi risau banyak sangat kes. Nak amik yang reliable plak (well, still ada risk), nanti ramai plak yang complen harga mahal and such. 

We have tried every possible way but still we fail to avoid the surge in postage cost. 

Thus, this will be our next approach moving forward.   

1. Items quoted are all in, except for shipping cost to Sabah and Sarawak. So for those yang alamat Sabah dan Sarawak, please take note on this announcement.

2. We can only advice on the postage once we weigh in the boxes / items masa nak pos. As such, we cannot guarantee exact cost prior to that. I taknak nanti bila dah beli, tapi bila tahu shipping mahal, terus nak cancel or blame us later sebab tak notify and such. Not fair for us too. 

3. Courier company charge us based on dimension / weight. Whichever is higher. So take for example one large TUMI backpack. We estimate only 1kg. However once we pack it in the box, it become 5kg (following the box size). So, the shipping cost shoot up from RM25 to RM125 (25 X 5).  😭😭😭.  

4. We will gradually insert this disclaimer in all our post too moving forward

– Mas –

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